​MerryChef’s speed ovens: Pros and Cons

​MerryChef’s speed ovens: Pros and Cons

Posted by EatTucker on 19th Feb 2019

Merrychef released the first commercial speed oven in 1950 and since then has continued to innovate and perfect their long list of commercial kitchen equipment. With this history, they have a substant … read more
The New Washtech M2C Dishwasher

The New Washtech M2C Dishwasher

21st Mar 2017

Washtech’s strategy is to continually meet engineering and design standards so their products are certified for local councils/authorities. Our Washtech Passthrough Dishwashers with Heat Recovery Con … read more

Caring for your new Washtech XG

Posted by Sean Coffey on 5th Aug 2015

Your New Washtech XGThe Machine will arrive packed with1 tray1 Water Supply hose1 Brass Non Return Valve4 legsInstruction bookletCommercial Catering Services recommend for the Washtech XG Un … read more

Turbochef Speed Ovens

Posted by Sean Coffey on 18th Aug 2014

Speed Oven What is a speed Oven ?Speed ovens are exactly what the name implies, an oven that cooks products in a very short period of time. These ovens can cook product up to 10 times faster than a … read more