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The New Washtech M2C Dishwasher


Washtech’s strategy is to continually meet engineering and design standards so their products are certified for local councils/authorities. Our Washtech Passthrough Dishwashers with Heat Recovery Condensers are SEED Certified and have set even higher standards for warewashing performance.

Reduce Installation Costs

The Washtech’s M1C, M2C and ALC models are SEED Certified and features a Steam Condensing Unit which can often be installed without costly mechanical ventilation depending on your local council’s requirements. Not having to install mechanical ventilation could save you hundreds or potentially thousands of dollars on challenging installs.

What is SEED Certification?

The SEED (Sustainable by Engineering, Environment by Design) Certificate verifies that our M1C, M2C and ALC have been independently tested, verified and comply with the relevant Australian Standards listed in the National Construction Code of Australia 2016.

Assist the Approval Process

If you’re starting a new food business or undergoing a fit-out you will be required to submit your plans to be able to register with your local council/authority. Our Washtech M1C, M2C & ALC are all SEED Certified. Relevant certification assists with the approval process and is accepted by most Local Council’s and Authorities to prove that your new equipment meets Australian Standards.

Our models with Heat Recovery Condensers are SEED Certified

Advantages of the C3 Condenser

  • SEED certified Washtech C3 Condenser makes the dishwasher suitable for installation without an extraction canopy in many situations
  • The C3 Condenser is a full heat recovery unit which preheats the cold water supply, significantly reducing the steam emitted and energy consumed by the dishwasher
  • Self-cleaning jets located above the heat condenser ensure longevity of the unit
  • Ventilation efficiency is significantly increased as the hood encloses the source of contaminants with reduced air quantities

Water & Energy Efficiency

The models equipped with the Steam Condensing Unit run on cold water supply. Our M2C model washes up to 1,080 plates per hour and only uses 2.4 litres per cycle of cold water, making it one of most water efficient commercial pass through dishwasher’s available.

As well as being energy efficient M1C, M2C and ALC by using steam to pre-heat the water which reduces energy consumption saving you money on your electricity bills and emissions. Plus, all of our Washtech Passthrough Dishwashers feature EcoPower mode which reduces temperatures and energy consumption when the machines are on standby during off peak periods.

Now even faster…

Our M2C model washes up to 1,080 plates per hour making it one of the fastest commercial passthrough dishwasher’s on the market. Providing outstanding hygienic wash results – every time.

Easy to clean…

Our Washtech Passthrough ALC model has enhanced filtration with active waste removal and a self-cleaning cycle making them easy to clean – with no need to put your hand in the machine!

Dependability you can rely on

At Moffat we’re confident in the performance and quality of our Commercial Dishwashers. However, if anything should go wrong, we offer a 24/7 Service Guarantee as well as Spare Parts call out service.

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