Non Recirculating Glass Washers

Posted by Sean Coffey on 25th Feb 2014

Glass Washers Non RecirculatingWhat are they ?Non recirculating machines also know as Rinse machines, such as Eswood IW3, Norris E17 and older Washtech GE spray hot water up under the rack, cleaning … read more

Spinning Plates

Posted by Sean Coffey on 19th Feb 2014

Spinning Plates Last weekend I watched a remarkable documentary on 3 very different restaurants with 3 very different stories. It does start out slow enough building up the characters that make thi … read more

Washtech and Commercial Catering Services

Posted by Sean Coffey on 17th Feb 2014

I have been working with Washtech since there first machine was installed in Australia and it wasn't a Washtech. It was labelled Startline. It was in the canteen of a company called Big Fresh&nbs … read more